Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

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More information on Black March and the FB page for those who read this and won't know what I'm babbling about. Hopefully, SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA all sound familiar though.

This is my response to the ignorance surrounding the issue....

Black March is not about boycotting independent artists or businesses. It's about boycotting copyrighted products that corporations make so much money on, the same corporations that greedily support SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, any future legislation that takes away the rights of consumers and internet users. These corporations are obsessed with money (and who cares who gets hurt or whose privacy is destroyed) whereas independent artists and businesses just want to reach people with their music, art, words, etc (and, yeah, hopefully earn enough money to do it full-time/not worry about money). The government taking away websites/ways to help artists share their music and art their way via the internet means they're hurting artists too.

I fully suggest and support shopping at local, independent businesses who purchase their inventories from distributors in small, reasonable quantities, as opposed to from warehouses and keeping unnecessary back inventory, which, in the end, comes down on the employees who work the floors of corporate stores when they can't make enough profit. If you want a newspaper or magazine, support the guy who runs his own news stand or the local, indie bookstore or read it at your school or city library. If you want new music, borrow a CD from a friend, swap mix CDs, or tune into a radio station you've never listened to before. Books? Again, local/indie bookstores, libraries, friends, and thrift shops all have them. Want to hear live music? Check to see where local venues are and look for musicians you've never heard of before. There are art shows happening all the time in indie cafes and libraries. See if you have a local newspaper and use it to your advantage. You could even make new connections this way if you've been looking for ways to break into the local music or art scene.

As for me? I will be putting my Netflix account on hold (supporters of this legislation make money off Netflix), not accessing websites run by corporations who support legislation that will destroy privacy and impose censorship, and continue to help raise awareness both online and in the St. Louis art and music communities.
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Security guard shoots man at Rock Road Metrolink station

In case the link goes all wonkadoo )

And, this is what I wrote about it on Facebook...

I was on my way to UMSL, on the same train this security guard got on, one or two stops before the Rock Road station. When we arrived at the RR station, even above No Doubt playing on my iPod, I could hear the men involved shouting and then watched as the security guy ran, full-speed down the platform and toward the other side. Everyone around me was super interested, turning around, talking about it, and pointing, which I didn't understand and never will.

Why would you want to witness violence? I spend most of life trying to avoid anything traumatic ever happening to me again. That's why I never turned around. I saw this security guard seconds before he had to shoot someone. It's not like in watching the movies. Real violence, real trauma sticks with you. I hope this guard will be okay, mentally, soon.

Just... if you're not a bystander, if you're not unwillingly involved, why the fuck would you want to be? So you can go and tell other people about it? So you can have a story? Well, this security guard has The Story. I'm sure he's thrilled about it.


It really bothered me the way that everyone was reacting. Thinking about it, after reading what happened, made me cry. Someone I care a lot about who has many nicknames, one of them being Grizzly Jenks, is a police officer. And he has been through a lot on the job. I can't even imagine what he goes through in situations like this because I avoid them but he is the one who puts his life in danger every single day. This security guard, saw the gun, and he ran to stop what was happening. That's incredible to me. Some assholes will say it's his job to do that, but he's the type of man who would choose a job where he knows one of the risks is that his life can be put in danger every time he starts his shift. The situation could have been so much worse. I don't understand why anyone would gawk at it and fucking involve themselves in it to satisfy some sick desire to see real-life violence for a story they can tell their friends and families. It had nothing to do with any of them. Yes, it was loud and caught everyone's attention, but the fact that people were staring, pointing, and telling people who were on their phones to look, that is truly what makes me angry and disgusted.

I just hope this security guard will be okay. I was watching him the whole time from when he got on the train because he was right in my line of vision. I think the next time I use the MetroLink and see a security guard, I will directly thank them.

And, the reason I was on my way to UMSL? To participate in a study on PTSD and trauma. I never want to be a spectator to an act of violence. Ever. It's been 11 and a half years and I'm still not over being raped. I would never want to see someone be shot... but all those people? They disgust me. They wanted to see something.
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Today I did some grocery shopping because my unemployment checks and tax refund are set to come through before my rent and other bills are due. I bought Earth Balance peanut butter (it's vegan, sweetened with agave syrup, and has no excess oil), Organic Girl's supergreen mix (baby red chard, baby tat soi, baby spinach, baby green swiss chard, and baby arugula), Turkish figs, cashews, apple chips, some awesome tortilla chips, a big container of Vegenaise (incredibly useful in wraps and as veggie dip), and Almond Dream's vanilla flavored almond milk, all from Golden Grocer. Then I went to Straub's where I got two tomatoes, three more oranges, a sweet potato, an avocado, and wheat tortillas for wraps. Yay! I have food! :D

Today's lunch (including calories per serving) consisted of a banana (105) with peanut butter (190), two oranges (140), some apple chips (140), and an almond milk latte (150) with four shots of espresso (4). Rounded up that's 730 calories. I have read that the first meal of your day should contain a good portion of your calorie intake because your body will need to utilize the nutrients quickly after being unconscious while asleep. I've also heard that drinking a cup of water first thing in the morning is a very good way to help get rid of toxins lingering in your system from the previous day. Not entirely sure if that's entirely true, but I like to think that it can't hurt your kidneys.

My lunch's nutritional information: High in... vitamins A, B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6, B12 (cobalamin), C, D, and E, calcium, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, fat (maintaining the correct percentage for your body type and lifestyle is essential), iron, magnesium, manganese, niacin (essential for energy metabolism in the cells), phosphorous, potassium, and zinc.

And low in... Cholesterol and saturated fat.

Sodium is high in the espresso. I try to balance it by ensuring I drink enough water. And, I try to limit the amount of added sugar in my diet. I really need to make sure I keep my vitamin C high. I already have severely low iron as it is and taking my iron supplements is only useful if I'm able to absorb it, and vitamin C helps that. And, considering my lack of an active daily routine, I've decided it's probably best to limit my calorie intake to a more reasonable 1,200 max. I've mentioned in a previous entry that I have slow digestion and average metabolism, so a sedentary lifestyle, doesn't necessitate too many calories, which I won't be able to burn off. It would basically be wasting food and if I ate food higher in calories, it would be higher in fat and dietary fiber, of which I'm already meeting my daily needs.

If I get hungry later, I'll have a cup of carrot slices (40-60) with some Vegenaise (135) and a few of those Turkish figs (120 for two) that I bought. And the great thing about the apple chips is that they're healthy (dried fruit, all natural, with just a bit of oil - good fat and high in vitamin C), tasty, and low in calories, compared to potato chips.

I've also noticed that in the past month, I have not had a single migraine and very few headaches unrelated to a toothache I had earlier in the month. I attribute this not just to less-stress (school and work-related) but also to the elimination of artificial flavoring and chemical additives (mainly processed sugars such as sucralose) in my diet.

I may go out for a cup of coffee later. Not sure. I want to check up on a friend who's working at Coffee Cartel right now and is going through the aftermath of a break-up.


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