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So, there's this book that I have been reading for a really long time and I haven't been able to finish it because it makes me so angry that I have to take month long breaks from it. I'm not even finished but something she said about a four year old getting sexually excited made me so furious that I wrote up the following review... Also, if anyone has an account on GoodReads, let me know!

Too Scared To Cry by Lenore Terr

This is a very difficult book to read because it's so heavily doctored to be read as a novel that I don't believe for a moment that what Lenore Terr quotes these children as saying are actually the words that came from their mouths. A great deal of her research, if it can suitably be called that as this book is not at all written as a documented study, is based upon satanic rituals and pseudo-scientific methods of psychological and psychiatric treatments.

Additionally, Lenore Terr abides by a great deal (if not all) of Freud's research and methods. Quite frankly, Freud's work reads like the manifesto of a pedophile group as does a great number of parts in this book. For a book about traumatized infants and children, there is a great deal of gratuitous descriptions of naked children being raped and abused.

From a scientific viewpoint, I can't see how these descriptions are beneficial at all to anyone for any reason aside from shock value and potentially providing fodder for Freudian pedophiles. As the survivor of child molestation, rape, mental abuse, and physical abuse, I stand by this opinion. I have been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and am currently studying child psychology with an emphasis on treating PTSD so I believe I have a great deal more insight into how a subject like this should be broached. With all due respect, Lenore Terr should never have been allowed to treat children, write this book, nor, most certainly, been awarded for her work. I am appalled by the medical field for having ever gratified her.

Oh, and why would you speak "blandly" so frequently to traumatized children you're supposed to be treating? Frankly, I would like to know what the hell she thought she was doing and if she ever received any sort of training on how to talk to children. Someone please tell me that she never had children of her own.

As for my opinion on Freud, any scientist or aspiring scientist in any specialty field worth his or her salt knows that the only reason Freud ever made such a fuss was because everything he said was so appalling and horrific. Honestly! He apparently really wanted children to be sexually excited, didn't he? Don't pedophiles react the same way when they try to explain their feelings for children? Justify it by saying they wanted it? Remember: Just because someone is loud and controversial, doesn't mean they're right or even sane.

And, yes, I do realize how dated this book is, but that does at all excuse the fact that this woman completely disregarded these children as human beings, remarked that four year olds were sexually excited during her sessions, and wrote about children in sexual positions (several times per chapter). There's also the very obvious issue that if this book were to have ever had any scientific merit or relevance, it would have been written in such a way that made it clear that that was her intention and not in such a way that made it sound like a *sensational* real life crime book.

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Wow, that book sounds pretty awful. I'll make a note never to read it haha


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