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Here, here and here...

He pointed to his heart and mind and ears.

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Name:D. Troy
Birthdate:Sep 29
Location:St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America

created by [info]eternalphoenix_

The words seem to flow, and the thoughts, they keep running...

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abandoned places, absurdism, accents, agriculture, alternative lifestyles, altruism, androgyny, anglophilia, animal rights, anonymity, anthropology, anti-consumerism, antique books, anxiety, apologies, archaeology, archaism, architecture, art, asceticism, atheism, autism, beauty, bibliomania, biophilia, bondage, books, buddhism, candles, censorship, child psychology, civil rights, classical music, coffee, cognitive behavior therapy, contradictions, creativity, crossword puzzles, curiosity, depression, dissociation, diversity, dragons, early attachment disruption, eating disorders, empathy, empiricism, epistemology, equality, esotericism, espresso, etymology, evolution, existentialism, exploring, extremism, factory farms, fair trade, fantasy, fasting, feminism, folklore, forests, freedom, freedom of speech, gay rights, gender-bending, history, honesty, hope, iconoclasm, incense, incrementalism, independent businesses, intelligence, internalization, ireland, kindness, knowledge, learning, liberalism, libraries, literature, logic, low-impact living, loyalty, magic, masochism, meditation, mental health, mercy, mountains, museums, mysophobia, mythology, natural living, naturalism, nature, neglect, neurodiversity, neurology, neuroplasticity, nihilism, non-fiction, nonconformity, nutrition, opera music, orchids, organic food, overpopulation, paganism, pain, patience, philology, photography, physiology, poetry, politics, post-traumatic stress disorder, postsecret, progressivism, psychiatry, psychological trauma, psychology, ptsd, puppy mills, radicalism, rain, reactive attachment disorder, reading, realism, red wine, religion, ridiculousness, scars, science, science-fiction, self-awareness, self-mutilation, sensitivity, sexuality, silence, sincerity, spirituality, stars, storms, strength, submission, survivalism, sympathy, tea, teapots, the big bang theory, the democratic party, therapy, thinking, thunderstorms, tissue memory, tourette's syndrome, transgender equality, transgender rights, trauma, traveling, veganism, verism, vigilantism, violins, weather, writing

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