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Oh, the candy I have acquired! Purchased with tips I received on my 18.5 hour shift on Christmas from my favoritest grocery store in St. Louis, Straubs. The mass amount of sugary nonsense is cluttering my bed and I feel very little remorse. Petit fours and all sorts of gourmet chocolate bars all for cheap! I love it! I also put lots in my coworkers boxes at work and have loads to share on shift. I probably should have used the money to pay bills and be all responsible but I really liked the idea of buying candy for my friends and sneakily putting it in their boxes. I was also an awful bitch yesterday and got into an argument with one of my fellow managers. It's been resolved but I felt guilty so I gave her chocolate stars and put extras in Emma's* box because she witnessed it and my ranting afterward. ♥ I don't know why she puts up with me.

I've spent most of today sleeping and in bed with the Womanly Plague, reading ebooks by a struggling author by the name of S. A. Hunter. I've been very interested in young adult fiction lately because I'm considering gearing my own writing toward the YA audience as well. However, I definitely want my writing to reflect the state of my mind I had at that age as opposed to the extremes most YA authors tend to write in. I'm also considering writing a response to the book I mentioned in my first entry. The Espressologist, which I felt is an insult to both literature and the intelligence of teenagers. I'm not sure how serious I am about it, but I have always wanted to write a book about being a barista and also "get back at" authors who don't know anything about what they're writing about.

Right now, my furry kit-kats, Quinn and Kaylee, are curled up around me, purring. I have books to finish reading and gingerbread marshmallows to eat, so I'll say farewell for now.

*I quite like this whole nickname thing!


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