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I just ate pig. On accident. My first thought was "No, that was not what I thought it was." Second thought was "THAT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT IT WAS!" Third thought was "I AM SO DISGUSTED WITH MYSELF RIGHT NOW, HOW COULD I EAT FLESH?! HOW CAN I EAT DAIRY? I AM NEVER ORDERING PIZZA AGAIN!" I had had points saved up from ordering pizza last year and was able to pay for the tax and a tip for $3.64 and I thought... "Yay! I have food for the next four days!" And now, I'm so disgusted with my myself, I feel like throwing it all up.

The point is that made me realize that I need to stop eating all flesh, including fish. I just can't do it anymore. That horrible feeling that swept over me and the instant image of a pig staring at me with a pained expression in its eyes... I don't know if it's pathetic but I feel like crying now. Ugh.

I have been trying really hard to cut all dairy byproducts out of my life but not hard enough. It's almond juice, soy cheese, tofu, and non-dairy everything else from now on. I'm also never ordering pizza again or eating at restaurants that aren't sensitive to vegetarians and vegans. I think it's quite obvious that corporations will never be sensitive to it so I don't care if it's essentially free food or not, I'm not ordering from any ever again just in case.

I've only been a vegetarian since June of last year and I'm most certainly not doing this because I think I'm better than meat-eaters. It's my own self-disgust that I feel I need to deal with this way. I also think it will be a much healthier decision and alternative for me. Besides, the vegan options are much more delicious/healthier than the products of torture and hormone-injections. Even free-range isn't healthier because all that means is that the chickens are allowed a slightly bigger area to walk around in but they still spend their entire lives in misery.

Yeah, I still feel extremely guilty about the bit of bacon.
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