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More information on Black March and the FB page for those who read this and won't know what I'm babbling about. Hopefully, SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA all sound familiar though.

This is my response to the ignorance surrounding the issue....

Black March is not about boycotting independent artists or businesses. It's about boycotting copyrighted products that corporations make so much money on, the same corporations that greedily support SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, any future legislation that takes away the rights of consumers and internet users. These corporations are obsessed with money (and who cares who gets hurt or whose privacy is destroyed) whereas independent artists and businesses just want to reach people with their music, art, words, etc (and, yeah, hopefully earn enough money to do it full-time/not worry about money). The government taking away websites/ways to help artists share their music and art their way via the internet means they're hurting artists too.

I fully suggest and support shopping at local, independent businesses who purchase their inventories from distributors in small, reasonable quantities, as opposed to from warehouses and keeping unnecessary back inventory, which, in the end, comes down on the employees who work the floors of corporate stores when they can't make enough profit. If you want a newspaper or magazine, support the guy who runs his own news stand or the local, indie bookstore or read it at your school or city library. If you want new music, borrow a CD from a friend, swap mix CDs, or tune into a radio station you've never listened to before. Books? Again, local/indie bookstores, libraries, friends, and thrift shops all have them. Want to hear live music? Check to see where local venues are and look for musicians you've never heard of before. There are art shows happening all the time in indie cafes and libraries. See if you have a local newspaper and use it to your advantage. You could even make new connections this way if you've been looking for ways to break into the local music or art scene.

As for me? I will be putting my Netflix account on hold (supporters of this legislation make money off Netflix), not accessing websites run by corporations who support legislation that will destroy privacy and impose censorship, and continue to help raise awareness both online and in the St. Louis art and music communities.


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