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Security guard shoots man at Rock Road Metrolink station

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And, this is what I wrote about it on Facebook...

I was on my way to UMSL, on the same train this security guard got on, one or two stops before the Rock Road station. When we arrived at the RR station, even above No Doubt playing on my iPod, I could hear the men involved shouting and then watched as the security guy ran, full-speed down the platform and toward the other side. Everyone around me was super interested, turning around, talking about it, and pointing, which I didn't understand and never will.

Why would you want to witness violence? I spend most of life trying to avoid anything traumatic ever happening to me again. That's why I never turned around. I saw this security guard seconds before he had to shoot someone. It's not like in watching the movies. Real violence, real trauma sticks with you. I hope this guard will be okay, mentally, soon.

Just... if you're not a bystander, if you're not unwillingly involved, why the fuck would you want to be? So you can go and tell other people about it? So you can have a story? Well, this security guard has The Story. I'm sure he's thrilled about it.


It really bothered me the way that everyone was reacting. Thinking about it, after reading what happened, made me cry. Someone I care a lot about who has many nicknames, one of them being Grizzly Jenks, is a police officer. And he has been through a lot on the job. I can't even imagine what he goes through in situations like this because I avoid them but he is the one who puts his life in danger every single day. This security guard, saw the gun, and he ran to stop what was happening. That's incredible to me. Some assholes will say it's his job to do that, but he's the type of man who would choose a job where he knows one of the risks is that his life can be put in danger every time he starts his shift. The situation could have been so much worse. I don't understand why anyone would gawk at it and fucking involve themselves in it to satisfy some sick desire to see real-life violence for a story they can tell their friends and families. It had nothing to do with any of them. Yes, it was loud and caught everyone's attention, but the fact that people were staring, pointing, and telling people who were on their phones to look, that is truly what makes me angry and disgusted.

I just hope this security guard will be okay. I was watching him the whole time from when he got on the train because he was right in my line of vision. I think the next time I use the MetroLink and see a security guard, I will directly thank them.

And, the reason I was on my way to UMSL? To participate in a study on PTSD and trauma. I never want to be a spectator to an act of violence. Ever. It's been 11 and a half years and I'm still not over being raped. I would never want to see someone be shot... but all those people? They disgust me. They wanted to see something.


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